Let’s talk about an easy and productive way to earn more money. Money is something everyone needs. Most people’s income is not keeping up with inflation. Food prices are rising, along with rent, gas, college tuition, cars, houses and even luxury items, so everyone needs more money. I’ve never heard someone say “I have too much money.”.

I’m not talking about a “get rich quick scheme” because getting rich quick is nearly impossible.  I like to find ways to earn additional money without a big investment, risk or effort. I’m not talking about driving your personal car around for Lyft or Uber like almost 2.2  million people are doing. I’m not talking about investing a small fortune in real estate to earn extra money using a vacation home rental service to rent your home like 600,000 people are now doing. People earn extra money in the Stock Market, but to earn $10,000 a year you need $100,000 invested at an average 10% rate of return. Most people don’t have an extra $100,000 to earn $10,000 and believe it or not, many of these people can’t even touch that money until retirement without a 10% penalty from the IRS.

The best way I’ve found to earn more money vis by leveraging another company’s business. I want to be able to build a sales team, so I can get paid on more sales than just my own.  Let me pause right here and explain something that most people never think about. If you work full-time as an employee and they pay you $60,000 a year, that is the same income as if you were to have five different businesses paying you $1,000 a month, three businesses paying you $2,000 a month or two businesses paying you $2500 a month for promoting their products.  What if you had an extra $60,000 a year coming in from various Internet businesses instead of just working for a paycheck?  Why don’t you?

You don’t have to be rich or in the top one-percent of a company to have a great lifestyle like most people think. You just need to create leverage and put forth a little effort to create multiple income streams. You start with one company, build up the income to where it is profitable for you and you find another company to do it again. People selling for companies do not present business opportunities this way. They don’t talk about how simply supplementing your current income can change your life.


Another important concept most people are never taught is how to use time. You can always earn more money, but you cannot create more time or can you?  I know plenty of rich people who are strapped to their businesses or working like a dog to earn their income. An airline pilot can earn a great income, but they are not getting paid when they’re not flying. Only the real estate broker can hire more realtors. You want another income promoting products that are easy to explain, understand and duplicate. You want to get paid on repeat sales and it needs to be affordable for everyone. This type of business works great with consumable products, but that market can get flooded with “me too” products.

The number of people needing a way to earn more money is enormous. Most people’s world would be radically changed financially with an extra $500 or $1,000 a month, but nobody is really teaching people how to do it. There are plenty of motivational speakers, but they’re not giving people a real way to put money in their wallets. Which is why I created this website. I want to motivate you to play the game of life differently, don’t follow everyone else and earn more money.

If you’re going to earn money in America you need a market. There are 7.75 billion people on the planet and growing and almost 350 million in the United States. Everyone can’t be an employee for a large company, but anyone can do this business. A staggering 650,000 people a year are released from the prison system in the US. That’s over 12,000 people a week and most of these people find themselves unable to get a decent job upon release. Millions of current and former college students are in debt to the tune of over a trillion dollars. This business can work for anyone.

Marketing gold and silver limited edition coins is the vehicle we are using to create a repeat business. We do this by leveraging a precious metals dealer. The company has been in business for five years, so they have worked the kinks out of their pay plan.  I don’t have to explain to people the benefit of owning gold and silver. They already know that they should be saving some of their paycheck each month and not spending every dime they earn. A recent survey showed that 12% of Americans own gold and 14.7% own silver.  That’s roughly 44 million people in America who already own silver and about 36 million who own gold. Do you think you can find two people to build a business with you out of 44 million who are already purchasing gold and silver that you’re going to offer them?  What about two people who are not?

How many of the millions would like to learn how to collect a limited edition monthly silver coin for as little as $199 a year and $139 a month to be involved in the gold and silver business, instead of just having a hobby? If you understand a little bit about business, you will see the benefit of what I just said.  This means that the gold and silver they are purchasing is part of their business and not just a hobby, especially if they are using it to build their Network Marketing business and not just collecting. I wanted to get involved in this business because collecting real gold and silver coins is a tangible asset that isn’t complicated. The coins can go up or down in value, just like baseball cards, collectible cars, artwork or other collectibles. I will keep the coins I want, sell the ones I don’t for either a profit or a loss as part of my business.  Most people buy gold and silver simply as a long term investment, which is great. This company allows you to get paid by building a two person sales team and duplicating that again and again. You do this by explaining to people what I’m explaining to you here and you have the potential to earn a great income.

Here is how it works and it’s very simple. Each time someone on your sales team buys a monthly coin, a number of points are assigned to their purchase. If you are buying $139 limited edition collectible coin each month on their automatic program it’s worth 20 points. After you join, you get two other people to join your sales team, one on your left and one on your right.  Those two people you brought into your business will want to do the same as you and get two.

As soon as you have 500 points on your left side and 500 points on your right side, you earn $500. Since it’s a two by two system, you don’t have to go out and personally recruit hundreds of people. You simply find two other people who want to earn more money, they pay $199 a year to join and purchase a collectible silver coin each month $139.  That’s it.  I just told you the entire business model in less than two paragraphs!

What’s exciting is by having this type of business model with two people getting two people and so on, you can get paid an a large network of people. You’re also increasing the number of coin collectors. You keep the coins you want in your collection and flip the coins you don’t to another collector. The game that pays is to build your business of fellow gold and silver coin collectors because the more people who play this game with you the more money you can earn. You don’t have to hit up your friends and family to do this business either. Since you only need two other collectors on your team to activate your business and earn commissions it’s not difficult.

I joined because the opportunity allows me to diversify my income and invest in gold and silver at dealer direct pricing. However, I know that many people will join and drop out because they don’t want to spend money on a silver or gold coin to build a a business. If you knew that you could get into a business for $199 a year and $139 a month with the potential to earn $500 a month promoting the products to just two other people would you do it?  What if you could earn $1,000 a month or more?  What if the coins could go up in value over time as the network of collectors grows? Why wouldn’t you?

What also happens with many people is that they won’t go and talk to two other people about their business. If you’re not going to do that, you’re not going to earn any money. Think about a drug dealer who sits at home and never goes on the street and actually deals drugs. They would be a very poor drug dealer even though people are waiting to buy their product.  That’s the reality of every business in the world. If products are not moving, nobody is getting paid.

I pass out business cards with this website address to people that I meet and simply ask them, “Do you know anyone who is looking for a simple way to earn more money?  Go to this website and check it out.”  It’s that easy!  Anyone can visit a website. There isn’t any pressure. It works for me 24 hours a day. Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to earn more money or own gold and silver. When they sign up and use your link you earn points on sales that come through your business and as those points add up it can make you money every month.

Earlier, I said that I keep the coins I want in my collection and sell the coins I don’t, even if I take a loss. As I mentioned, there are 44 million people in America alone who collect silver and gold. So, you buy a coin a month for $150 with shipping and sales tax and you flip it to another collector for $75, $100 or whatever each month. Now your cost of being in business isn’t $150 a month, but $75 or $50 and you’re not financially stressed out as you build your sales team to earn commissions. As you earn more commissions you can grow your collection and let the company fund your coin collection.


This is a gold and silver limited edition coin collecting business where you can buy, trade, collect or flip the coins you purchase. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do this or even know anything about gold and silver coin collecting. It’s very simple and anyone can do it. It’s not like having to understand bitcoin, the stock market or other forms of investing to get started.  Anyone can collect silver and gold coins and earn money showing other people how to do it too. You can join the company for as little as $199 a year.

Once you join and activate your distributorship you sign-up to receive a monthly limited edition gold or silver coin for $105, $139 or $179 a month depending on the monthly coin package you select. Gold and silver isn’t like buying consumable or other products that don’t hold their value or that can’t go up in value. The way you make money with this company is very simple, you find people and show them the benefits of collecting gold and silver collectible coins.  Each time you have 500 points on your left team and 500 points on your right team you earn $500.

Focus on people who are in need of an extra income, while building a real silver and gold coin collection along the way. This is a very unique way to invest in yourself. You don’t need to be a business expert or a master of sales you just need to create connections and introduce people to this company as you collect coins. You can even use this website for free, which is why I created it for myself and my team.  The gold and silver coin collecting business is massive. Television and radio commercials are telling people they need to buy more gold, silver and precious metals as an investment. The more people who join and start collecting limited edition gold and silver coins, the more valuable your collection can become based on supply and demand.  That doesn’t happen with other products or businesses. What else is there to know?

Read the other articles on this website and get trained on how this system can work for you to earn more money marketing silver and gold coins.  Visit the website links below to check out the company and watch their short videos.

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