What I’m going to share with you is a way to leverage a Network Marketing company that has a limited and exclusive product that anyone can market and a unique pay plan to increase your income. There is a great market for limited edition gold and silver numismatic MS70 collectible coins.

The coin below has a current market value of $692 because they only minted 500 of them. There are three of them for sale right now for $850 on this website (may not be there any longer, but at the time of this article) – click here to see. The business model is to buy, sell, trade and collect these unique gold and silver coins and build a team of people who want to create an income doing the same. The more people who collect these rare coins, like this one they only minted 500 of, the more valuable these coins will become.

$692.00 Market Value
2021 – MS70 – 1oz Silver

Year of Issue: 2021 Country of Issue: Cook Islands Mint: Mayer Mint Face Value: 5 Dollars Coin Weight: 1 Troy Ounce Metal Purity: 0.999 Metal Composition: Fine Silver Mintage: 500

If you look at the insanely popular bitcoin for example, that isn’t made of a real precious metal but lives in a computer system, the price has skyrocketed.  This is not because it’s actually worth the amount people are paying, like any of the crypto currencies, but because people believe it is worth the amount they are paying. If people stopped believing and wanting to own bitcoin, the market for that crypto currency would crash, just like stocks have done numerous times over the years.

A market for a product is based on supply and demand, so this business is a no brainer when you realize that there is a limited amount of gold, silver, platinum, copper and other precious metals in the world.  Why is this a big deal?  There are 7.8 billion people on the planet and counting!  The market potential is exponential growth because you can’t outpace a birthrate.  When you combine that with creating coins out of these precious metals in limited editions using an MS70 numismatic grading system, the more people who want the coins for their collection the more valuable the coins can become. Which means you’re not just buying potions, lotions or pills using a Network Marketing company that have zero possibility of increasing in value, you are buying unique, rare collectible coins.

Let me show you something that you should think about and why you should join this company with me and find two other people to build this business with you.  I’m going to show you how you could be earning up to $2500 a month or more and letting your business fund your coin collection, while getting paid.  It’s as easy as introducing this business to two other people and helping those two do the same. You can only have two people directly under you because it’s a Binary Pay Plan meaning two teams, one on your left and one on your right and it grows that exact same way.  I already have two people that I’ve sponsored into this business, so anyone else I bring on will go under one of my team members. This means that you’re not just building your business alone, but the people above you are growing it.


The cost to join the company is $199 a year and then you purchase a numismatic silver collectible coin that is minted in a limited edition and shipped to you via FedEx once a month each month for $139 on their automatic shipment program.  This means in 12 months you will have 12 coins in your silver coin collection, provided you don’t purchase any other coins from the company.  By doing this you qualify to earn commissions after you complete the next step, which is you need to bring two other people into this business.  Why wouldn’t you want to? Anyone can collect silver and gold coins and earn money showing other people how to do it too.  You don’t have to bring in 10, 15 or 20 people, but only two people, like your brother or sister, a friend, co-worker, your two kids or some random person you’ve never met.  Once they come on board with you and do exactly what you did, you are now fully qualified to earn commissions!

In any business, you can’t just show up and get paid without doing anything. I own a car dealership and I have people licensed with me that create sales for the dealership. If I have a bad sales month, two of my salespeople might have a great month, so the dealership benefits from their sales. That’s the benefit of working with a team of people. However, my salespeople can’t get paid like I do because they don’t own the dealership. They are relying only on their own personal sales each month. In Network Marketing you can earn commissions by building a team and getting paid on their monthly purchases and sales.  That’s a huge benefit.

In a Network Marketing business those two people that you bring into your business to help you can also get two more people to help them build their business. That’s a way better business model because you would have six people building a business together instead of just you and you don’t have to pay them as employees. The company pays them using the exact same pay plan you have. Those four people can each get two people, so you would have 8 more people helping to build your business.  You now have a team of 14 people working together instead of just one person working alone.


That’s the power of cooperation and what I like about this business model. You’re not going to find this in Corporate America. If you join my sales team you are not going to be directly underneath me, but under someone in my organization, who will have the opportunity to get paid on your sales team. Every Network Marketing company does not work this way.  I created a simple graphic to the right that shows you exactly how this works and how to do it.  It’s built around you getting two people, who each do the same and if that happens just four more times you would earn $500 a month.

When it goes down one more level to 64 people, you would earn another $500 a month, or $1,000 a month, provided that the people on your team are collecting just one silver collectible coin a month at $139 a month.  You won’t see it in this graphic, but when those 64 team members each get two more people you would have another 128 people in your organization and you would be earning $2,500 a month from all of those sales!  That’s why I call this website the Game That Pays because like a video game, you’re getting more people to join your team and play the game with you.  The more players you have on your two teams ordering silver collectible coins each month, the more money you can earn.

If you look at the graphic to the right, this illustrates what can happen if you get just two other people to join this business with you and they each do the same. Each person joins for $199 a year and $139 a month. Each monthly purchase is worth 20 points and each time 500 points is reached by your team on the left and the right you will earn $500.

This hypothetical illustration is showing $500 a month by dropping down just a few levels of a two by two sales team. Drop down one more level and it’s another $500 a month and it continues going down beyond the 6th level, but this is just to show you how it works. The deeper your team gets the more money you can earn, provided that your team continues to collect their silver coins each month and they each tell just two other people. That’s how it works!

Read the other articles on this website if you are interested and get involved, so that you can start earning money marketing silver and gold collectible coins.  Get started by visiting the website links below and joining today.

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