Unless you’re in a sales job where you can control your income or you own a business, most people are working a job where their income is fixed. They are stuck financially waiting around for their next raise. Some larger companies haven’t given their employees a raise in over five years even with record profits.  Wouldn’t it be great to have another income without having to quit your day job?  That is the entire idea of playing the real estate board game where you move your game piece around the board collecting $200. You take that money and buy rental properties to try to increase your income and win the game.  It’s a game that pays!

Median household income was $67,521 in 2020, a decrease of 2.9 percent from the 2019 median of $69,560. This is the first statistically significant decline in median household income since 2011. –

Millions of people own vacation rental homes today as a way to earn more money. They rent out their properties at sites like Airbnb, VRBO or others. The goal is to earn more than the mortgage payment and have the renters buy the property for them. To do this real estate strategy you have to find the right type of property in the right location at the right price and you’re going to need at least 15% down to get a loan or you can pay cash. The average price of a home in America today is now about $270,000, so that’s at least $40,000 for a down payment depending on the price of the rental home. That’s just to get started in this vacation rental business not including any other costs.  You will also be competing with hotels and large corporations that are buying rental properties to do the same thing.

Once you make that large investment the average monthly income is not as large as you might think. Most people who get involved in renting property as a way to earn more money do not factor in all of the expenses that are involved from insurance to cleaning services, marketing, management fees, and more. If you earn 10% on your money, you’re doing great most of the time, but what if you could earn $12,000 a year on a $139 a month coin collecting business? That would be over a 600% return on your $139 a month investment ($1,668 a year), which is why business owners can get rich through the power of duplication by owning a business.

On average, hosts make $924 a month, but those numbers vary. Some hosts even buy or lease a number of apartments or homes and rent them out full time, creating what could be a six-figure income. –

Now let’s compare that proven and popular income strategy to joining an online coin collecting business for $199 a year and $139 a month that includes the purchase of a 1 oz silver collectible coin each month.  A coin worth more than the silver it contains because of its artistic nature and the limited edition number that are made. It also has a rating quality of MS-70, which is the highest rating you can get for a collectible coin. You don’t need a large investment to do this business, so you’re not going to need a $40,000 investment like a piece of real estate, but a low annual fee to join. You could do this business for 200 years before spending $40,000.

There are no maintenance fees or other high costs involved, but just a $139 a month purchase plus shipping and sales tax, so about $150 a month to run this business.  It’s better though because you can sell the coin you purchase each month to another collector and get back some or all of your money. If you hold onto your coins, like holding onto a rental property, they may go up in value.  The cost of doing this business as a way to earn additional income, while keeping your day job, is incredibly low compared to other business ventures.


If you own a vacation rental property there is no incentive for showing someone else how to do it. You might tell a friend because you want them to rent your property or refer people to your property, but you’re not looking for additional competitors. In this coin collecting business you get paid for showing other people how to do what you’re doing. There are some conditions that have to be met in order to get paid by the company, but it’s easier and less complicated than buying real estate or other types of part-time business ventures.

You join the company for a low annual fee and then purchase a numismatic silver collectible coin that is minted in a limited edition and shipped to you via FedEx once a month on an automatic shipment program.  This means in 12 months you will have 12 coins in your silver coin collection, provided you don’t purchase any other coins from the company or you don’t sell your coins to another collector.

Next you want to bring two other people into this business with you. Once they join the company by doing what you did, you are now fully qualified to earn commissions. That’s it and now as your business grows you can get paid.  The business model is really simple. You join for $199 a year, sign-up for a $139 a month collectible coin purchase, get two other people to join your team and you can get paid on the sales and purchases of your sales team.

Each time someone on your team buys a collectible coin on the auto shipment program it’s worth 20 points with the company, so if you have one person on your right and one person on your left who purchase a monthly coin it’s a total of 40 points. You get paid on anyone that those two people bring into this business as well and so on. Each time you have 500 points on each of your two teams or 1,000 points total, the company sends you $500.  That’s the entire pay plan and how this business works. Instead of collecting rent, you’re collecting points from coin sales and each time they reach 500 points that match – you get paid $500.

Millions of people are already doing this type of selling for companies everyday for free. Let me prove to you how powerful “word of mouth” advertising is by looking once again at the vacation rental industry.

When Airbnb went public it had an initial public valuation of $100 billion. That’s huge!  There are over 4 million hosts on their website and 5.6 million global listings in 100,000 cities. They have over 150 million users worldwide who booked a stay through their website and over $800 million in stays with an average nightly rent of $185. You can find all of this data at and it’s pretty interesting.

Here are a couple of things to think about and why you should be doing this coin collecting business with me. The first one is people are spending $185 to stay just one night in someone else’s home. They have 150 million users that booked $800 million in stays through their website, which means that people are spending money. You could be building a business for about $150 a month, not $185 a night, and you actually get a unique and tangible silver collectible coin sent to you each month that has value and can appreciate the same way that real estate can appreciate. Silver, gold and real estate are all popular investments and a great way to “park” dollars. The difference with this business is it’s a collectible silver coin with artistic value in a limited production run, which makes it more valuable than just its weight in silver.


What about those 150 million users?  How did they find out about the Airbnb website?  They didn’t accidentally stumble across their website. What happened is somebody told somebody, who told somebody and it happened again and again.  Sound familiar?  It sounds exactly like what I described above and how you can get paid for introducing two other people to this coin collecting business and directing them to the company website to join, so they can tell two people about this business. The difference is you get paid on all of their volume each time you have 500 points on your left and 500 points on your right.

What about that $100 billion market valuation when Airbnb went public?  One person didn’t buy $100 billion in stock.  What really happened, and it happens every single day on Wall Street, is somebody told somebody to buy Airbnb stock because it looked like a great investment, who told somebody and the stock price went through the roof.  Again, it’s the same exact business model that this business is built upon. In this business we are telling people to get involved in purchasing silver collectible coins and getting paid on the points.

Finally, there are the four million people who are listing their homes on Airbnb. These four million people didn’t just show up on the Airbnb website and decide to list their property for rent.  What really happened is somebody told somebody, who told somebody and this repeated itself again and again. That resulted in a whopping four million people using the website to list their properties for rent.  This is how people discovered all of the social media websites too. Online businesses are built by someone telling someone to check out a website.  These multi-billion dollar companies are not sharing the wealth with the people who are doing their advertising for them.  These billionaires do not want people to realize their users are the company’s free salespeople. Why would they want people to know about companies like this one that will actually pay you for building a business and referring people to their company?

I wanted to illustrate this using a website like Airbnb to drive home the point that “word of mouth” advertising really works. People do it all the time and it works better than any other form of advertising.  It’s something people do every single day for free, so why not get paid by a company for doing it?  You can build another income for yourself by leveraging their products, their infrastructure and their company?  If the average income from an Airbnb is $924 a month for the amount of investment and time required to do that business, what would it take to earn that with this business?

It’s pretty simple to understand. Each time you have 500 points on your left side and 500 points on your right side from purchases made by your two referrals and their referrals you earn $500. That’s how it works. It’s not any more complicated than that, so if you tell two people about this business (you can send them the link to this article to read) and they tell two people and so on, you would have a team that looks like 2,4,8,16,32, which is 1,240 points and that would pay you $500 a month. When those 32 people tell two more people you would earn another $500 a month.

That’s $1,000 a month and your total investment is not $40,000 to buy and manage a rental property, but $139 a month purchase, and a low annual fee by telling just two other people about this business.  It’s a way better deal if you just do the math and compare it to other business ventures.  In this scenario, you only told two people and those people told two other people who all became coin collectors with you by joining the company.


I’m going to finish with one last idea for you to think about.  Can you earn $20,000 a month or $240,000 a year in your current job?  It’s not a trick question, but a real question that most people won’t consider.  What about if you owned vacation rental properties like the four million people are doing at Airbnb.  At an average of $924 a month a person or company would need to own and manage 21 Airbnb properties to earn $20,000 a month, so it’s definitely possible, but it’s expensive.  It is outside the reach of most people since at an average of $270,000 per property that is $5.67 million in properties to earn $20,000 a month based on the data provided.

However, for most people who are earning an average of $67,521 a year in 2020 they don’t have the remote possibility of earning $20,000 a month at their current job.  In this coin collecting business it’s actually possible. It’s not probable since most people won’t stick with it to do it, but it is possible and I am a fan of possible rather than impossible.  Let me show you how it’s possible. Ask yourself if someone dangled the possibility for a $20,000 a month income in front of you what you would be willing to do to get it?  That’s the equivalent according to the Airbnb data of owning $5.67 million in vacation rental properties.

It’s not an income guarantee anymore than owning a rental income or any other type of business.  As I already explained you earn 20 points for each silver coin purchase per month from your team and you need 500 points on your right and 500 points on your left to earn $500.  If you take $20,000 a month and divide that by $500, that needs to happen 40 times in a month.  What does that look like if you build a network of two people doing this business with you and that repeats itself multiple times?

If you look at the chart above it shows you that with 64 collectors on the 6th level of your team you would earn $1,000 a month. If you go down another level you would have 128 collectors and that would pay you a total of $2,500 a month.  If you add an 8th level to 256 collectors you would earn $5,000 a month and keep in mind that your cost of business would still be a low annual fee and a monthly coin purchase.  It doesn’t stop though because those 256 can each tell 2 people to build their business and you would have 512 new collectors on your 9th level buying just one coin per month.  That scenario would pay you $10,000 a month.  Do you think this business is worth pursuing yet?  When the 512 people on your team each tell just two people you would have 1,024 coin collectors in your organization and that would be $20,000 a month in income.

That’s a total of 2,046 coin collectors in your entire network, each purchasing $139 a month in coins from the company.  Does that seem remotely doable compared to having 4 million people buy rental properties to post on a website that are charging an average of $185 a night?  How about having to grow your website to 150 million users?  Think about it.

That’s why I call this website the Game That Pays because “word of mouth advertising” works.  It’s like playing a board game and you’re getting people to join your team and play the game with you. The more players you have on your two teams ordering silver collectible coins each month, the more money you can earn.  The hypothetical illustration is showing $500 a month by dropping down just a few levels of a two by two sales team. Drop down one more level and it’s another $500 a month and it continues going down beyond the 6th level, but this is just to show you how it works. The deeper your team gets the more money you can earn, provided that your team continues to collect their silver coins each month and they each tell just two other people. That’s how it works.

Read the other articles on this website if you are interested and get involved, so that you can start earning money marketing silver and gold collectible coins.  Get started by visiting the website links below and joining today.

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