I have been buying, selling, trading and consigning vehicles for people for almost 17 years and during that time I’ve looked at thousands of credit applications.  What I’ve discovered is that most people do not have “too much money at the end of the month”, but they have “too much month at the end of the money”. The reality is that most people work for things that do not last and depreciate over time. They pay themselves last instead of paying themselves first buying things that will last.

That coin to the right is made of 1oz of silver and has a current market value of $600. They only minted 1,886 coins in the Cook Islands of New Zealand, so it’s a limited edition collectible coin. You can visit this link and read about this coin series in more detail. They didn’t mint a million of these, so it should hold its value like any other collectible.

If you are earning $500 a month or $2,500 a month with the cost to be in business about $150 a month, while getting a limited edition collectible real silver coin that’s a great deal. This is a unique business because there are not hundreds of other Network Marketing companies selling gold and silver limited edition collectible coins. It’s a more complex product and everyone understands the benefit of owning gold and silver, which means a greater opportunity for you to earn money.  Nobody wishes they owned less silver or gold.

If you’ve arrived at this website, someone has given you a business card or you’re looking for an affordable way to earn more money. Starting a business or franchise is expensive. If you can leverage an existing company and get paid to promote their products that is a very low cost way to earn more money and thousands of people are doing it. The Internet and cell phones are a game changer. You can direct people to a website to join a company, order a product and earn points that can add up to commissions each time an order is placed in your network of people.

Have you ever taken the time to look up the definition of fiat money, which are the dollars in your wallet?  It’s interesting to see that the dollars you’re purchasing things with everyday are actually backed by a promise not a tangible asset. It’s one of the reasons that bitcoin has taken off since both currencies are really based on trust and supply and demand, which is similar to a collectible coin, a piece of artwork or a collectible car. This is one reason to do this business, play this game. You get to leverage a company that is explaining this simple truth about money to people, while helping them own a tangible asset.

Fiat money is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver, but rather by the government that issued it. –

I’m going to share with you how to leverage a Network Marketing company that has a limited and exclusive product that anyone can market with a unique two person pay plan to increase your income. The company sells limited edition gold and silver numismatic collectible coins like the one I described above. Investors buy gold and silver as a long term investment to hedge against inflation and as a way to park their money in a tangible asset. Investors buy bullion or silver coins for the market price of the asset. Collectors are different than just investors.  They buy precious metal collectible coins that are limited edition with artistic value, so they can be worth much more than just the market price of silver or gold based on supply and demand.

I have a very simple road map that anyone can use to earn $500, $1,000 or $2,500 a month, $30,000 a year, promoting this business and showing others how to become a precious metals coin collector. Millions of people are wanting a way to earn more money. They are just waiting for someone to show them how and they don’t know about this opportunity.  You might have a great job and plenty of money, but how many people don’t today and are in need of a way to increase their income? What a great way to help people who need it. It’s been said, “You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

You can be investing in limited collectible silver coins at the same time that you’re building a business by simply sharing this company and opportunity with other people. They are real coins that can go up in value as demand grows, which is why people keep joining the company. If you’re not familiar with Network Marketing it is a business model that is based on one person telling two people, who tell two people, who tell two people and so on using the power of exponential growth and duplication.

People don’t realize that businesses use this everyday for free and they earn billions off of free “word of mouth” advertising,  Do you use a ride share service through an app on your phone?  Did the company call you and tell you to sign-up or did a friend just send you a link?  Did your friend get paid for referring two people to the company? Will they get paid when people they refer take a ride? Will they get paid on people those people told?  Pick a company today and do the math, they have millions of users for video games, streaming services, social media, vacation rentals and they earn billions of dollars off of their “users” (great name), who are their free salespeople for these massive corporations.

The entire design of Network Marketing is to allow the little guy to build a network of people within a company. You get paid on the people that you were responsible for sending to the company.  You don’t get paid just once, but on all of their orders and you don’t get paid on just the people you refer, but the people they refer and the people they refer and so on.  It’s a business that you’re trying to increase the number of people involved through “word of mouth” advertising. The more people who get involved in your network the more money you can earn. The more collectors who join the greater the demand for the limited edition coins that you’re buying and selling and that is a crazy good business model.

This doesn’t happen if you join a Network Marketing company selling soap or some other product that isn’t designed for a network of collectors. Soap doesn’t go up in value because more people want to buy soap. You will have a hard time getting rid of your soap to another person who is promoting soap. Which is why this makes perfect sense if you think about it for limited edition gold and silver collectible coins. If you have 1,000 people who get into collecting coins there is a demand, but if you have 100,000 people collecting coins there is a larger demand. The coins you own can increase in value based on supply and demand.  Bitcoin isn’t trading at ridiculous amounts because a few people want to own bitcoin. It’s because millions of people want to own bitcoin and they believe it has value.


The business model known as Network Marketing allows you to create a team of two people helping two people helping two people and the more people who get involved to work together the more powerful your organization can become. This company has a binary pay plan, which means that you need to create two teams, one on the left side and one on the right in order to get paid and build a business. You can build a repeat business by getting just two other people involved with you. One will be on the right side and one on the left side. It’s using teamwork to create more sales of these unique coins. You activate the pay plan by having your two people, along with paying your annual fee and your monthly purchase. That’s it.

Many people lump every Network Marketing company together and fail to realize there are differences in companies. They hear the words “Network Marketing” and immediately think “pyramid scheme”, but not all companies have the same pay plan or work the same. Some Network Marketing companies are terrible. They have horrible pay plans, overpriced products, are expensive to join with difficult qualifications to get paid, high monthly fees and poor management. This company doesn’t have those negative aspects.

In Network Marketing you can get paid on the sales of other people on your sales team and everyone gets the exact same play plan. The cost to do this business is only $199 a year and $139 a month for a limited edition numismatic MS70 coin to be sent to you each month that is minted using real silver. It’s affordable. Each time someone on your team of two purchases a coin it’s worth 20 points and each time you have 500 points on the left team and 500 points on the right team the company sends you $500.

If you look at the graphic to the right it’s a hypothetical example of how it works, showing what happens if you build a team down 7 levels using this strategy. You would earn $2,500 a month from a $139 a month coin collecting business with a low annual fee. You can expand your collection each week or month or you can sell your coins to other collectors. You may make a profit on the coin or you might not. It’s a collectible coin, like collecting baseball cards, comic books, sneakers, cars or any other collectible items. This makes it a very unique business for everyone.

Keep the coins you want, sell the ones you don’t and you can trade with other people who might want your coin or they may have one you want. It’s a great way to get paid by building an organization of silver and gold coin collectors, who also want to earn money promoting, trading and selling exclusive limited edition coins. Anyone can do this business. It’s really an amazing opportunity.


It takes about five minutes! If you’re ready to join for $199 a year and $139 a month to start your coin collecting business just click the link at the very bottom of this page or you can use the website link of the person who sent you here. Watch the short videos on the company provided website and explore it for more information and get started. You will notice that I do not use the company name on this website because I don’t want to get their permission to promote their pay plan or their coins on this website as a member.

You will find some of these coins for sale on the Internet for more than people purchased them for and they have a website you can use to buy and sell your coins to other collectors, beyond just the monthly coin purchases.  They also have periodic “coin drops” of other rare coins like those featured on this page that sell out almost immediately.  If you want more information, read the articles on various topics related to why you should get involved with this opportunity.


As you cruise through this website, you will notice that I’ve written a number of articles targeting various groups of people for this opportunity. I will keep adding to it. Consider the 43.2 million college students who need to pay back $39,351 each in student loan debt. Do you think they could find two people wanting to promote this business and let it make their school loan payments for them? Millions of salespeople are spending money on leads groups to meet people and they could be leveraging this venture to meet people, while creating another income. There are millions of people who need an additional income and need a way to earn more money.  Direct people to these articles with your personal link to join and you can be leveraging my articles to build your business.

Since this is tied to collecting coins produced in limited quantities the coins have the potential to go up in value as demand grows. You are trading printed dollars that keep going down in value for actual silver coins. Television and radio commercials are telling people to buy gold and silver, which is free advertising for your business. When the government prints trillions of dollars in fiat currency the value of the dollar weakens and you will notice that by the definition above that it is not backed by gold or silver. If you have plenty of money, why not take some of your paper money and pay yourself first with a simple business of collecting limited edition silver coins?  Trade a little bit of your paper money for a collectible silver or gold coin each month and build an income showing others how they can too.

Once you join, select your own website name for your link and start promoting it. You can direct people to this website for more information and give your website link to join. This is like playing a game that pays and you only need two other players to participate.  It’s actually a really cool and fun business that isn’t like anything else that I’ve seen. I joined one group with over 6,000 collectors already on Facebook who are buying, selling and trading these coins. It’s just going to keep growing as more people find out about this business. What a great way to meet new people around the country in a business that shares a common interest of silver and gold coin collecting.


Finally, let me leave you with one last thing to think about. I don’t have to do this. I own a successful car dealership. I’m still selling cars and I have a couple other businesses besides this one. You can find my dealership at

I’m doing this business because I want to do it. I like to help other people who don’t have the same opportunities that I have. I can’t make you The Cool Car Guy and if you wanted to start a car dealership it’s not $199 a year and $139 a month. I can’t teach you how to sell cars and earn a six figure income. Most people are terrible salespeople or hate sales. Anyone can direct someone to a company website to sign-up, read an article, watch a video and order a product. I want to get paid for my time by being involved in this as well, but it’s not my primary motivation. I like to have fun, I like to earn money leveraging other people’s businesses and I like to meet and work with other people and this is a really cool business. The coins are cool, along with the pay plan and the system.

This is an affordable business for anyone. Most people won’t take the time to even read this article all the way through, but that’s fine because I showed you how this works with as few as two people getting two people. I’m not trying to find hundreds or thousands of people by myself because I don’t have to do that and neither do you. I’m just looking for people who read my article(s) and they get it. They see the opportunity and they are confident that they know or can find two other people, who also will see what we see with this unique business. That’s why I decided to create this website. I’m busy running my dealership and my other businesses, but I can find the time to do this part-time with you.

Most successful people are not actually giving other people a way to earn more money or teaching people how to be successful for free like I’m doing here. They might motivate you, they might sell you a book or video, but motivation alone won’t make your car payments. In the world of finance you really only have two options. You can spend less or you can earn more. Most people are on the spend less side to try to get out of debt and pay their bills because they are on a fixed income. I’ve always been on the earn more side and it’s far better.

Keep in mind that I only get paid if this works, and if it doesn’t work, I wasted my time. Do you want to be in business with someone who is taking the same risk that he’s asking you to do or would you rather just keep doing what you’re doing?  As I said, I like to have fun and this is a fun and rewarding business. I’ve done a number of businesses over the years and sold lots of products and services. If a business isn’t fun, simple and rewarding then I won’t do it.

How many people do you know who are making any impact on anyone else financially and teaching them how to earn more money leveraging another business? How many are doing it for free? It’s your $199 annual fee and $139 monthly purchase. It’s your decision if you decide to join this with me. What I can tell you in my years of business and sales experience is nothing ventured, nothing gained.

John Boyd: The Cool Car Guy
I own that is a licensed car dealership in Lone Tree, CO.  I can help you save time and money on any make or model, new or used, lease or purchase – nationwide. Call or email John about your next vehicle at or Twitter @coolcarguy.

If you’re ready to join the Network Marketing opportunity discussed on this website with me, just visit my website link by clicking here.  You can also visit this website to see what’s new with this Network Marketing company.