Did you know that if you purchased $500 a month in gold and silver coins over the course of a year at the end of the year, you would have a coin collection worth $6,000?  What if I told you that I know of a company that markets real gold and silver limited edition MS70 numismatic collectible coins and I have created a system, a real life game, to get them for free using the commissions they will pay you for telling other people? It’s like playing a board game only with silver coins and real money. The more people you get to play it with you, the more gold and silver coins you can get for free from the company by using money that they will pay you in commissions, so it’s a game that pays.


It requires a small upfront cost of $199 a year to join.  Once you join you can purchase a silver collectible coin direct from the company each month. These are real limited edition silver coins that they sell as a gold and silver dealer. It takes about five minutes to join online and you are immediately in the gold and silver collectible coin business. Using this system, you buy just one coin each month on their auto shipment program for $139 a month, plus shipping. The coin is worth 20 points. They pay you on the points generated by your team.

These are limited  edition coins where they minted a few hundred or a few thousand. To put it into perspective, in 1964 the US Mint printed 156,205,446 Kennedy half dollars that were 90% silver at the time, so these are exclusive coins. The small quantity limited coins are offered in a number of weights, such as 1, 2 or even 5 troy ounces with metal purity of 0.999 in silver metal composition with an NGC rating of MS70 that is the highest possible. These are coins people want to collect. You can get these coins for free by using the company’s commission money that they will pay you for building a team of just two other players and they all do the same.

The coins can go up or down in value, just like baseball cards, collectible cars, artwork or other collectibles. Keep the coins you want and sell the coins you don’t for a profit or a loss as part of your business. Most people buy gold and silver simply as a long term investment, which is great. This company allows you to get paid by building a two person sales team and duplicating that again and again. If you do this by explaining to people what I’m explaining to you here, you can get get $500 a month that you can use for whatever you want, like buying these coins. If you play this game and you can get up to $500 a month in silver or gold coins for a year, you would have a coin collection worth $6,000. If it grows to $1,000 a month in commissions that would be a gold and silver coin collection worth $12,000 a year.

Here is how it works. You join for $199 a year to get started through my website link below or the website of the person on my team who sent you here. When you join, you choose the $139 monthly coin collecting program. If you select this package, then each month they will FedEx you a collectible MS70 silver coin for your collection. It’s about $150 a month with shipping and sales tax.  You can now start playing the game. You want to find at least two other people to join your team.

One person will go on your left team and one person will go on your right team. They do the exact same same thing that you did, join, select the $139 monthly auto-ship coin package and you will earn 20 points on the $139 monthly coin purchases of people you enrolled and that they enrolled.

The two people on your team, who each get two more people and so on or you can place people under your people. Now the game is underway to start getting free coins by using the commissions you’re going to earn from the company to purchase more coins for your collection. It’s a really cool pay plan and it’s very simple.  Let me explain to you how it works.

Each time someone on your sales team buys a monthly coin, a number of points are assigned to their purchase. The $139 limited edition collectible coin each month is worth 20 points. As soon as you have 500 points on your left side team and 500 points on your right side team, you earn $500.  That can be $500 a month or $500 a week depending on how good you are at playing this game and getting other people to participate in the game that pays.  You take your $500 that you’ve earned, subtract the $139 a month that you’ve paid for running your business and you purchase additional coins, so that you are now getting $500 a month in free gold or silver coins for your collection for referring people to the company.  It’s your money to do with what you want, but if you use the $500 to purchase more coins you’re going to have a large silver and gold coin collection at the end of just one year paid for in commissions.

You can see how this works in the graphic to the right.  It uses a Network Marketing pay structure of 2 people getting 2 people and it doesn’t take long for 2 people playing the game turning into 4 and then 8, 16 and 32. As soon as the first 2 people you told have 16 each on their 4th level you earn $500. You keep $150 of the $500 to cover your cost of being in business and you buy another $350 worth of coins with the company’s money that they paid you.  That’s a real game that anyone can get excited about playing.

The next month you do the same and if you played the game right your 2 team members will each earn $500 since they will each have 32 players and the company will send you $1,000 for the month, since you would have 64 coin collectors on that level of your team buying $139 monthly coin.  You can be earning a cool $1,000 a month with this program, that you can be using to build a really nice silver and gold coin collection.

If you did this for just one year you could have between $6,000 and $12,000 in silver and gold collectible coins paid for by the company because you told 2 other people and they each did the same. What’s exciting is by having this type of business model with two people getting two people and so on, you can get paid on a large network of people. You’re also increasing the number of coin collectors like yourself.

You keep the coins you want in your collection and flip the coins you don’t to another collector. The game that pays is to build your business of fellow gold and silver coin collectors because the more people who play this game with you, the more money you can earn. The more valuable your coin collection can become because you’re getting more and more people who want to collect coins using this business model. Since you only need two other collectors on your team to activate your business and earn commissions it’s not difficult.

I invested time building this website and I am sharing it with others because I want the company to pay me for building a solid team.  If I can earn $500 or $1,000 a month and invest it back into silver and gold collectible coins I am letting the company buy my gold and silver for me. These coins can go up in value over time as the network of collectors grows. It’s not expensive to do at $199 a year and $139 a month. Millions of people blow more than that on alcohol, coffee, gambling, lottery tickets and all sorts of worthless junk each month. Anyone can afford to do this and they have a website where you can sell the coins you get each month to other collectors for a profit or a loss and make this work for you at a zero or near zero cash outlay.

I simply pass out business cards with my website address to people that I meet and ask them, “Do you know anyone who would like to know a way to get gold and silver coins for free by telling others?  Go to this website and check it out.”  It’s that easy.  Anyone can visit a website. There isn’t any pressure. Everyone wants a way to earn more money and own gold and silver. When they sign up and use your link you earn points on sales that come through your business and as those points add up it can make you money. Invest the referral money they send you back into the gold and silver coins and your getting the coins for free.

Earlier, I said that I keep the coins I want in my collection and sell the coins I don’t, even if I take a loss. As I mentioned, there are 44 million people in America alone who collect silver. So, you buy a coin a month for $150 with shipping and sales tax and you flip it to another collector for $75, $100 or whatever each month. Now your cost of participating isn’t $150 a month and you’re not financially stressed out as you build your sales team to earn commissions. As you earn more commissions you can grow your collection and let the company fund your coin collection.


Anyone can collect silver and gold coins and earn more money showing other people how to do it. It’s like getting stars when you buy a drink at Starbucks and those stars add up to free drinks, but these points add up to $500.  As soon as you have 500 points on the right and 500 points on the left, you receive $500 from the company.  You use it to buy more silver or gold and the company is funding your coin collection.  Gold and silver isn’t like buying consumable or other products that don’t hold their value or that can’t go up in value. The way you make money with this company is show other people the benefits of collecting gold and silver collectible coins.

Focus on people who are in need of an extra income, while building a real silver and gold coin collection along the way. You don’t need to be a business expert or a master of sales you just need to create connections and introduce them to this company as you collect coins. The gold and silver coin collecting business is massive. You can hear television and radio commercials telling people that they need to buy more gold, silver and precious metals as an investment. What is fantastic is the more people who join and start collecting limited edition gold and silver coins, the more valuable your collection can become based on supply and demand.  That doesn’t happen with other products or businesses.

The system I’ve designed leverages their $139 monthly coin purchase that you will see when you go to join and you can have your own turn-key, online business.  Once you join, select your own website link and start promoting this company in the gold and silver precious metals business. You can even direct people to this website for more information and tell them to use your website link to join.

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