It’s really amazing that in 2021 household income didn’t increase anymore than it did in 2020 for the majority of people.  The median household annual income is less than $70,000 in the United States. Meanwhile, the cost of everything is being inflated tremendously, so it’s no wonder why so many people are struggling financially. 

Are you going to get a 10% raise in 2022 from your current employer?  The answer is probably not, but the profits of most giant corporations are increasing.  In this article, I want to show you how you could be earning an extra $500 a month or $6,000 a year by joining a silver collectible coin business and playing the game that pays!

Median household income was $67,521 in 2020, a decrease of 2.9 percent from the 2019 median of $69,560. This is the first statistically significant decline in median household income since 2011. –

The average new vehicle car payment today is over $550 a month and if you’re driving a used car it’s around $397 a month for most people.  That doesn’t include the cost of insurance on top of the vehicle payments.  If you were to follow this system that I’m going to share with you in this article, you can be using this coin collecting business to make your car payment for you or at least part of it.  All you have to do is share this article with a few other people and get them to do the same.

If you do nothing in 2022 other than what you did in 2021, you are going to get the same results.  Most people fail to realize this and they end up never getting ahead financially.  They can’t because the cards are stacked against them when they are on a fixed income.  You tend to live within the income that you earn. Many people have no way to increase their income other than waiting for a raise.

You can give yourself a raise in 2022 by leveraging a network marketing business and a company that promotes collectible silver coins.  Keep reading and I will show you how you could be earning an extra $500 a month from $150 a month business. 

Here’s a question to consider for 2022:

Would it be worth it to start buying a silver collectible coin for $150 a month if you could earn $500 a month by showing other people how to do the same?”

The average monthly car payment was $568 for a new vehicle and $397 for used vehicles in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2020, according to Experian data. The average lease payment was $467 a month in the same period. –


Let me start by explaining how it works and I will hopefully overcome some of the objections you might have about doing this business by the end of this article. First of all, this silver coin collecting business has been around for just over five years now. You get started and join the company as a coin collector with your own coin collecting business for $199 a year and then you purchase a coin each month for $139 on their auto saver program.  They will send you a 1 oz silver collectible coin each month as part of your business and to start your personal coin collection by Federal Express.  Each coin is worth more than the silver it contains based on its artistic nature and the limited edition number made.

For example, the coin to the right is made of 1 oz. pure silver and .999 purity produced in the Cook Islands with a mintage of only 7,777 of these coins in the entire world. It has a rating quality of MS-70, which is the highest rating you can get for a collectible coin.

I purchased this for $139 plus shipping, which is about $150, as part of my monthly purchase.  It came to me as a random purchase of the “United States Animal Series” collection that I selected.  There are 50 different animals that they’ve made for each State, so it’s a “rare bird” as it were.

If I wanted to sell this right now, I can get my $139 back fairly quickly from another collector.  I did a quick search online and only two of these are for sale right now at a popular coin collecting site. One was for sale as of today for $180 and another for $250, so most collectors who own this coin are keeping it.

There are no maintenance fees or other high costs involved, but just a $139 a month purchase plus shipping and sales tax, so about $150 a month to run this entire business.  It’s better though because you can sell the coin you purchase each month to another collector and get back some or all of your money. If you hold onto your coins, like holding onto a rental property or a collectible car they may go up in value.  The cost of doing this business, while keeping your regular job, is incredibly low compared to other business ventures and coin collecting silver coins is a fun business like collecting cars, but it’s way more affordable.


Now let me show you how you can earn money showing other people how to get into the silver and gold coin collecting business in 2022 and put an extra $500 a month into your pocket. 

After you join the company for $199 a year and purchase your numismatic silver collectible coin once a month on an $139 on their auto shipment program you’re going to want to bring two other people into this business with you.  Once they join the company by doing what you did, you are now fully qualified to earn commissions.

That’s it and now as your business grows you can get paid.  The business model is really simple! You join for $199 a year, sign-up for a $139 a month collectible coin purchase, get two other people to join your team and you can get paid on the sales and purchases of your sales team.

You can only enroll two other people and this is important to know because anyone else you introduce to this opportunity are going to be place underneath your two people to help them grow their business.  It’s a people helping people business. Each time someone on your team buys a collectible coin on the auto shipment program it’s worth 20 points with the company, so if you have one person on your right and one person on your left who purchase a monthly coin it’s a total of 40 points.

You get paid on anyone that those two people bring into this business as well and so on. Each time you have 500 points on each of your two teams or 1,000 points total, the company sends you $500.  That’s the entire pay plan and how this business works. Instead of collecting rent like owning a rental property or some other expensive business, you’re collecting points from coin sales and each time they reach 500 points that match – you get paid $500. You can earn up to $500 a week or $2,000 a month with only personally enrolling two people in this business.

There are not very many businesses that you can start for only $199 a year and $139 a month where you can earn up to $500 a week by making only two personal sales. By marketing a product that can go up in value or that can be resold to another collector. And if you enroll more than two people personally you can earn even more money each week.

If you look at the graphic to the right it shows how this works.  If you get just two people who get two people and this repeats itself just three more times, you would have a network of people that totals 62 coin collectors like yourself.  Even though you only enrolled two people personally, your team can grow from two telling two more, who tell two more and so on.  Each time you have 500 points from coin purchases you can be earning $500. I am only showing you a $500 a month plan that anyone can do with a little bit of effort.


Now let’s talk about why everyone isn’t doing this business as a way to earn additional income.  I’ve had people tell me that owning a coin collection is not a good way to earn money because the coins can go up or down in value.  I own a car dealership and most of the time your car depreciates about $3,500 a year, so should you never drive a vehicle because it’s a way to lose money?  Granted in this crazy economic climate vehicles are going up in value, but guess what that means.  Your car isn’t actually going up in value, your dollar is just worth less!  That’s how inflation really works.

In the State of Colorado for example, millions of people have decided they want to live there, so a home that cost $450,000 back in 2012 is now selling for about $850,000.  Did the house get more square footage? Did the materials get better or is the house now actually 10 years older with an older furnace, older roof, older driveway and yet because of supply and demand and inflation that house now costs about 40% more than it did in 2012.  Someone who has 450,000 dollars today can’t buy that house because their dollar doesn’t buy what it did in 2012, but there is another even bigger problem.  Most people are earning only slightly more than they earned in 2012.

Remember I told you at the start of this article that the median income in 2020 was $67,521 a year?  Well, in 2012 the median income in America was $54,569, which means that the median household income only went up about $13,000 in 10 years.  That’s only about $1,300 a year for most people, but did the cost of owning a home or a car or everything else only go up by that amount?  Obviously they have not, but cost far more than millions of people can afford.

I have clients who have told me that they haven’t had a raise in over five years.  Look, the math simply doesn’t work, which is why millions of people at the end of 2021 have massive credit card, student loan debt and additional consumer debt or are just struggling to make ends meet each month. They don’t earn enough money to keep up with the cost of living in America and they need another income stream to offset inflation that is cleaning their clock. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know the facts or they’re just really bad at math.

What are your options?  Start a traditional business?  That’s expensive and you will probably need to borrow more money to do it.  You can’t start a business that can earn you an extra $500 a month or more for about $150 a month.  You can invest your money in Wall Street, but you can’t control that as a business. In fact, you’re just betting on other people who are running a business. And how much is your $150 a month investment in Wall Street going to earn you?  In a year you will have invested $1,800 into the Stock Market.  Do you think that’s going to bring you $500 a month?  Good luck.  What about buying real estate?  Think you can buy a rental property for $150 a month like a collectible silver coin each month?  Sure.  You can’t even pay the interest on a home loan with $150 a month. 

For fun, just look up online the price of the coin to the right that this company sold a few years ago to it’s members who paid $199 a year to join. And purchased the coins for their collection. It’s called a 2007 Tiffany Art Renaissance 2oz silver coin, if you want to put that into a Google search.  You can learn more at this link where it showcases the collection. The best price I have seen online for that coin on Amazon wa$1,793.95.

Finally, let me mention the potential for appreciation on these collectible coins and what they could be worth in the future. I had a client and friend that I shared this opportunity with, who sold life insurance for years, tell me that these coins are not worth $139 purchase price.  Let’s see if that’s true based on the headline below that appeared in a newspaper in Sarasota, Florida. It was a coin collector who’s collection sold for $8.9 million at auction late last year.  Some of the coins sold individually for over $300,000 and they were numismatic collectible coins. Your $100,000 life insurance policy that you’re paying for each month isn’t going to be worth $8.9 million someday in the future, but this can happen with collectibles.  Collectibles can go up in value, whether they are t-shirts, cars, art or silver and gold coins.

Hundreds of coins graded by Sarasota company sell in November Auction for $8.9 million – Herald

I’m sharing with you a great opportunity to earn some extra money by sharing a pretty cool business with other people. Anyone can afford to do this marketing business regardless of their background or expertise. 

I hope you decide to do it.  Read the other articles on this website, if you are interested and get involved, so that you can start earning money marketing silver and gold collectible coins.  Get started by visiting the website links below and joining today.

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