That headline might seem really sensationalistic or a wild conspiracy theory, but the fact is that you are living in a giant economic pyramid scheme and I will prove it to you in this article. Whether or not you get involved in the opportunity I’m promoting here to earn money with real silver collectible coins or not, you should consider the information I’m presenting here about our economic system.

One of the reasons I wrote this article is because so many people think that Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme. Network Marketing if done correctly isn’t a pyramid scheme, but people have been conditioned to immediately think that it is by the media on purpose. If you’re one of the people who believes this, you should know that you’re involved in the largest pyramid scheme in human history.  It’s just not presented to you as a pyramid scheme, but the facts clearly prove otherwise.

Most people know that the problem with a pyramid scheme is that a few people at the top of the pyramid make all of the money, while people at the bottom of the pyramid are supporting them. This explains why ninety percent of America struggles every month paying their bills, getting out of debt and living on a financial treadmill they can’t escape.  They have the cards stacked against them. The game they are playing in life is rigged and they have no way to get free. They are playing Checkers and the game is Chess. I will prove it to you.

This was featured in TIME magazine and I included the link, so you can read it yourself.

“The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That’s Made the U.S. Less Secure” –

That headline is describing nothing less than a pyramid scheme, where a few people at the top of the economic pyramid are earning all of the money. Welcome to the US economic system. It’s not my opinion. It’s a fact. You may not like it or agree with it, but that’s what it says right there. One-percent of the population has taken $50 trillion from the bottom 90%. This should be a wake up call that 90% of the people you are listening to are playing the game of life wrong.  How about another headline to illustrate this point even further.

“America’s top 0.1 percent owns now nearly as much as the bottom 90 percent” – Alexander Verbeek

Forget about the one percent, the 0.1% now owns nearly as much as the bottom 90 percent.  Here’s what this pyramid scheme really means according to this guy’s article linked above. He is a fellow at Yale University, so my guess is that he’s a smart guy.

…if you are in that large group of nearly 300 million Americans that form ‘the bottom’ (90%!) of American society, you had to share amongst yourselves the remaining 13 percent of the wealth gained in America.  And within the 90%, there is not much social sharing of these leftovers; the bottom 50%, yes, half of all Americans, lost wealth in these 12 years.

The bottom line is that more people than ever need a way to get out of debt. They need a back-up plan for that dream job they may no longer have. Millions are tired of having a company or investors or Wall Street or the government wanting more control over their lives. How many college graduates are deep in debt that will take them half their life to pay off?  The reality is that most people are not financially free.

Here’s a news flash for you.  You can’t be a socialist living in a capitalist society or are going to lose. You are living in a pyramid scheme where most of the wealth of this world is controlled by a very small group of people. The typical American needs more money.  It’s one reason why over a million people are driving their own cars around as personal taxi cabs for just one ride sharing company. The company has a Market Cap of $71 billion. Their business model is having people depreciate their own cars driving people around and they take a percentage of millions of fares. Meanwhile people will think a $199 a year and $139 a month Network Marketing company is a rip off.

“The average American has $90,460 in debt, according to a 2021 CNBC report. That included all types of consumer debt products, from credit cards to personal loans, mortgages and student debt.” –

Have you ever wondered why kids will graduate high school and they are not taught how to start a business in a capitalist society or how to manage money or even balance a checkbook? Wouldn’t that be an important life skill in a society that is based on entrepreneurship and business? Isn’t America based on capitalism and yet nobody is taught how it works? Do you think that’s by accident or design?

What about the fact that the dollar bill is “legal tender” in the United States, meaning that it’s legal to use to pay for things. All you hear about in the news is the “strength of the dollar”. Try paying in cash with those dollars at your local motor vehicle department or some other government agency. They’ve printed 29 trillion of them, but they won’t even let you pay them with their own money. Nobody thinks that’s a problem?  Nobody questions anything about the pyramid scheme they are involved since it’s easier to spend money when it’s invisible and to go into debt when you don’t actually see the money that you’re spending. Why would you want to own dollar bills when the very government that issued them refuses to take them and doesn’t see their value? Its governments, banks and billionaires who own the most gold and silver in the world.  They move a number of their dollars into tangible assets other than dollars.

JPMorgan has earned record revenue of around $1 billion so far this year from trading, storing and financing precious metals, vastly outperforming rival banks, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. – REUTERS

  The 1% of the population who took $50 trillion from the 90 percent know how to survive in a capitalist society and so do their kids. They go to private schools, like Harvard Business School or Yale, they learn about tax deductions for the businesses they own, trust funds, etc. They don’t where masks during a pandemic while riding on their private jets and they like to say stupid things like, “We’re all in this together”.  No, we’re really not in this together there are different classes of society, different rules and somebody has all the money.

There are now two classes of people, rich and poor. Throughout this website I have articles with graphics showing you how to follow a system that can allow you to earn more money, if you just meet the minimum qualifications needed to get paid for promoting silver collectible coins.  However, most people won’t do it because it’s Network Marketing and they are conditioned to believe that Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme. Meanwhile, a million people are using their own vehicles to drive people around for a $71 billion ride-sharing company that claims to take 25% of the profit earned by the driver, but this website tells a different story.

Despite claiming to take just 25 percent commission on rides, rideshare companies like Uber actually take up to 42.75 percent of their drivers. –

I hate to tell those million driver’s, but that’s a rip-off and a pyramid scheme where a few people at the top of that corporate pyramid are earning all of the money.  Most people will continue doing what they are doing and get the same results. They never take the time to look at the game of life differently to change their financial situation.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi thinks his fellow C-suiters are overpaid, he told The New York Times. He made around $12 million in 2020 and more than $42 million in 2019, when you include stock bonuses. CEO pay rose sharply in 2020, with several executives raking in paydays in excess of $100 million. –

Did you read that headline above about how much some of these CEO’s have been paid on the backs of the people at the bottom of their corporate pyramids?  Meanwhile, they will tell people “don’t join a pyramid scheme”, “beware of those pyramid schemes”, except for their real pyramid schemes of course. What the heck is a pyramid scheme if it’s not one person in a company earning millions and even billions of dollars, while the majority of the people in the company are in debt up to their eyeballs working like economic slaves to make that one person or a few people ridiculously rich? It doesn’t matter what large corporation you look at either, they all work the same way.

Let me take a few more paragraphs and actually explain to you how Network Marketing works and why I think it can be the most fair business model available anywhere.  There are only 100 pennies in a dollar, you know that worthless dollar that the government won’t take for payment anymore.  It’s still a buck that we all believe has value, so if you own a company and a product you’re selling costs $30 to manufacture and you want to sell it for $150 you’re going to mark-up the product five times.  You want the company to earn $60 over the $30 and double it’s money, so that you have money to pay employees, rent, the owners, shareholders, etc. Now you have $60 left of the $150 that you can use for marketing and advertising or paying your salespeople.


You have $60 left out of the $150 purchase price because your company needs to earn $60 and the product cost was $30 and you too want to make some money for your time as the person who started the company.  What are you going to do with that $60?  Well, you could spent $60 per product on radio, television, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Youtube and Twitter advertising, which is what most of the companies of the world are doing today. It’s why these “social” and “media” companies are worth billions of dollars.  Why would you do this?  Because they all have a NETWORK that they’ve built and they are MARKETERS.  Oh my gosh, they are Network Marketers and if you are on any social media platform today you are part of their NETWORK and they are MARKETING to you every single day on behalf of the companies that are paying them to reach you with their ads. They have billions of levels of people in their networks called “friends”.

That’s what you could do with your $60, but you could also pay one lonely salesperson $60 to go out and sell your $150 product as well.  This happens all the time too in business, but it’s happening less because you can get the Network Marketers above to sell your products for less.  However, if you do the $60 per sale approach it’s one level of payment to a salesperson.  What usually happens though is you want that person to have a Sales Manager, so you give the Sales Manager $20 of the $60 and slash the salesperson’s commission to $40.  Now the Sales Manager can hire more salespeople to manage for you.  Wait though, your company is growing, so you need to pay for a District Manager and that person has to get paid, so you give them $10 on everyone’s sale and you slash the commission of the salesperson to $30 and now you have three levels of pay on each sale.  This is actually what happens in business over and over again.  What does that look like to you?  Oh my gosh, it’s Network Marketing once again. I didn’t add multiple levels to the Regional Manager, the VP of Sales, etc., but it’s not called Network Marketing because they are all employees of the company or agents in insurance.

Finally, you could pay one, two or three people out of the $60 to sell your product or you could pay 9 people $10 each time a product is sold for selling a product.  That is really Network Marketing and nobody is an employee.  It’s not magic, you’re just paying several people on each sale instead of one person or an advertising company.  Which is why Network Marketing is not a scam, if it’s done correctly and the one-percent know this, but they spew out “pyramid scheme” all the time because they want to keep people stupid about how business really works.  They don’t teach kids capitalism, but they want people to be slaves to their giant pyramid scheme they’ve created.

Network Marketing is simply using an existing business model that is found in every business, but everyone gets the exact same pay plan and the opportunity to create their own sales team within the company.  The challenge is there are qualifiers to get paid, which you will discover if you’re the store manager or general manager at a car dealership owned by a big corporation, they have quotas too.

Many businesses, like insurance, real estate, car sales, etc. pay the one salesperson the majority of the sale and then they pay a manager, general sales manager, district manager, regional sales manager on the sale as well out of the $60 as I mentioned.  People just fail to understand that in business everything is based on pyramid sales. Which might be the real reason there is a pyramid on that dollar bill I mentioned earlier.

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