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Uncover the Vast Opportunities of Affiliate Marketing

A recent report by Astute Analytica predicts that the affiliate marketing industry will surge to a staggering $36.9 billion annually by 2030. This means that there are plenty of people earning a great income using affiliate marketing to get paid.  Some people get paid for clicks, others get paid for views and some get paid for the sales of products.  In fact, if you visit just one affiliate marketing network known as ClickBank you will discover that they have paid out over $6.2 billion in commissions.  They have over 100,000 affiliate marketers promoting their products.  The market for promoting to affiliate marketers and earning money from this form of advertising is massive.

Excitingly, you can easily claim your share of this lucrative market using classified advertising. For just $99 a year, anyone can participate in this booming industry. Let us guide you through the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how you can get started!

Unlocking the Mystery of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a straightforward concept that involves earning a commission for promoting another person’s or company’s products. If you’ve ever seen a social media influencer or website featuring an ad encouraging you to click for more information or to purchase a product, chances are they are affiliate marketers. Here’s how it typically works: The affiliate finds a product they like, promotes it, and earns a portion of the profit from each sale they make.

The popularity of affiliate marketing has soared, with some individuals and companies earning substantial incomes from it. This success has prompted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to require affiliate marketers to include a disclaimer when endorsing products or services. This disclaimer, often stating “I earn commissions from my sponsored links” or “I make money when readers purchase items through my links,” is aimed at ensuring transparency and protecting consumers from potentially misleading endorsements.

When government agencies like the FTC take measures to regulate an industry, it often indicates the potential for significant earnings. While some may argue against this, government regulations are typically aimed at consumer protection. In the case of affiliate marketing, the FTC’s requirement for disclosures could be interpreted as a tacit endorsement of the earning potential within this form of marketing.

In essence, affiliate marketing offers a lucrative opportunity for those willing to put in the effort, and the FTC’s regulations serve as a testament to its viability as a legitimate means of earning income.

how can you earn money using classified ads and affiliate marketing with other affiliate players

Now that you understand the basics of affiliate marketing and the importance of disclosing your affiliate status, let’s explore how you can start earning money with our targeted classified advertising product for just $99 a year, which amounts to only 27 cents per day. 

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The biggest challenge facing most affiliate marketers is that they cannot create enough traffic to their website, blog posts, social media or online videos to create enough sales to get paid on a click or a product. They are having to spend money buying keywords in search engines and figuring out ways to get people to see their ads and online advertising is expensive.  Which is why these companies have created affiliate programs in the first place to pay people for clicks, views or sales based on performance instead of having to buy online advertising. 

change the rules of the affiliate game by CREATING leverage

Revolutionize your approach to affiliate marketing and start winning big by playing the affiliate game differently. By leveraging a network of targeted classified ad websites alongside fellow affiliates, you can transform the way you play the affiliate game. Consider the immense success of giants like Amazon, boasting 2.5 million affiliates driving traffic to their site each month. Imagine if they relied solely on generating their own traffic. This is the essence of affiliate marketing—channeling traffic to affiliate ads. However, by directing traffic to a series of classified ad websites, you join a community of affiliates doing the same. This collaborative approach maximizes exposure and potential earnings, setting you up for unparalleled success.


Choose Your Affiliate Program and Start Marketing Today

Discover a world of opportunity with thousands of affiliate marketing programs and services, ranging from small businesses to massive corporate conglomerates.  Do your research on which affiliate programs you want to promote and what products you want to sell.  Once you do this, join a classified ad website that fits the product or service you’re promoting at using the affiliate link of the person who sent you here.

Freak Sites isn’t only for affiliate marketing as you will discover below and when you visit the series of classified ad sites.  We’re simply showing you how you can be leveraging the classified ad network to promote an affiliate program and earn more money.  Once you start promoting an affiliate program or multiple affiliate programs using classified advertising you’re going to want to join the Freak Sites affiliate program and start selling their classified ad sites for $99 a year, like the one we’re suggesting you purchase.  

what makes the freak sites affiliate program an amazing opportunity – its all in the numbers

As you’ve just learned from reading The Game That Pays website, you have the opportunity to earn money promoting affiliate marketing programs through the Freak Sites classified advertising network. But that’s not all—you can also earn by selling classified advertising to other affiliate marketers and businesses when you join the Freak Sites affiliate program. Consider this: Amazon alone boasts over 2.5 million affiliates driving traffic to their site. Many other affiliate networks have hundreds of thousands or even millions of affiliates promoting products. These vast networks represent countless potential affiliate sales. By demonstrating how classified advertising can be used in conjunction with other affiliates, you can help them increase their affiliate sales and earn even more. You can also share this technique with people who are looking for a way to earn more money.

If you were referred by one of our affiliates, please use their affiliate link to join one of our $99 a year classified ad websites, ensuring they receive their commission. It’s through their efforts that you’ve discovered this unique opportunity, and we’re excited to have you on board.  You will soon be able to do the same.

How much can you earn promoting the freak sites classified ad network

The $99 Freak site Classified Ad website

For just $99 a year, anyone can subscribe and list one or multiple ads on the Freak Sites classified ad website that they have chosen to advertise on. Once you join, simply purchase a $99 subscription to place ads for the entire year. This platform is a paradise for affiliate marketers, as they can advertise multiple products or services on one or multiple platforms.  Each website is it’s own $99 subscription, so you can earn multiple commissions.

As an affiliate marketer with Freak Sites, you earn a 20% commission (or $20) for every $99 annual subscription purchased for advertising on the site. This unique setup means that not only can you use the classified ad sites to promote affiliate marketing products, but the Freak Sites classified ad websites are also affiliate marketing products themselves! This innovative approach sets us apart from any other product on the Internet.

If you started promoting the Freak Sites classified ad sites using your affiliate link and you were able to create 90 new affiliate sales a month, about three a day, that’s an extra $1,800 (30 x 3 x $20) a month in additional income.


Do you think it’s possible that other people will become affiliates as well through your affiliate link and want to start selling the Freak Sites classified ad network?  After all, if you join as an advertiser for $99 a year and you sell a subscription as an affiliate to other businesses or individuals some of them will probably want to join as an affiliate as well to earn more money.  If this happens and they join using  your affiliate link, you can earn $10 on whatever your affiliates sell.  They will earn $20 on their sale and you will earn $10 on their sale.

If you had 10 affiliates join using your affiliate link and each of those affiliates signed up one new affiliate marketers a day, so 30 sales each per month, you would earn an extra $3,000 (30 x 10 x $10) a month from a $99 a year classified advertising product.

The key is that everyone has to subscribe for $99 a year and actually use the classified ad sites to drive a massive amount of co-operative traffic to the site for all of the advertisers to get visitors.  

This is how the classified ad system works to drive traffic!

not just for affiliate marKeters

Freak Sites is not just designed for affiliate marketers to use to promote affiliate marketing.  On the contrary, they are designed for anyone who wants to use classified advertising to sell just about anything. The Game That Pays website is simply showing you how to use the Freak Sites classified ad network for promoting affiliate marketing products and services that anyone can do for only $99 a year

A car salesman or a car dealership may join our car classified site through your affiliate link to list one or all of their vehicles for sale and you will earn $20 from their $99 purchase.  There are about 60,000 independent car dealers in the United States and just about everyone of them use classified advertising to sell cars online.  

One of the 50,000 plus veterinary clinics in the US might want to purchase a $99 classified ad subscription to promote their business on our pet classified site and if they sign-up using your affiliate link you will earn $20 on their sale.  

The demand for online classified advertising is massive because classified advertising works. A $99 annual subscription to join a Freak Site and start selling in a matter of minutes is nothing short of incredible.  It’s new, it’s relevant, it’s unique, it’s all under one unique brand and it has been designed for the masses to help individuals, small and medium size businesses have an affordable way to advertise and earn money.

current freak site websites to advertise


Join an affiliate program and get paid to promote books online using classified advertise.

Cars freak

A car website for cars and car enthusiasts.  Sell vehicles or anything related to cars.

GLamor freak

Are you a freak about glamor?  Vintage clothing, hari and makeup, nutrition, a multi-billion a year industry.


You’re selling your coins, t-shirts, collectibles, trading cards on Ebay?  Why not place a classified ad?


List your business for sale. Sell or lease your commercial property.  It’s for all things commercial.

ACRES freak

How big is the market for vacant land and what better way to sell it than a classified ad?

Motorcycles freak

How big is the market for motorcycles and what better way to sell a bike than a classified ad?

travelers freak

Welcome to the world of travel!  A classified ad site dedicated to travel and travel enthusiasts.

crafts freak

How about all of those people selling crafts on Etsy and other craft sites?  A classified ad site for crafts.

ARtIST freak

A classified ad site for art, artists, music anything related to the arts.

Pets freak

People love their pets and here’s a classified ad site for pets and pet enthusiasts you can promote.

RUNNER freak

There are millions of people who run, so there are thousands of products for this community.

Housing freak

One of the largest advertisers of classified ads are people in the housing industry.

Sponsors freak

How many online influencers are wanting to a sponsor for their channel? Advertise for advertisers.

the game that pays - A $99 A Year Opportunity

As committed, we’ve provided you with all the tools you need to start approaching life differently. You now have the opportunity to engage in affiliate marketing and promote a classified ad system to other businesses and affiliate marketers. The next steps are in your hands.

Reach out to the affiliate who referred you to this website and take action without delay. Consider this: What’s the maximum you could lose by investing $99 in a year of classified advertising? How many online advertising platforms offer a year-long advertisement for $99? How many classified ad sites allow people to advertise affiliate marketing programs?  Have you encountered any websites with the market reach and potential for exposure that we offer? If you continue down the same path, you’ll likely see the same outcomes.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey by becoming a subscriber to one of our classified ad sites for just $99 a year, which amounts to a mere 27 cents a day. Take a chance and explore the game that pays initiative. 

We wish you success in whatever path you choose.

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